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Baker Green Policies & Procedures


Green Policy and Procedures

Baker Commercial Landscaping is committed to promoting the conservation of environmentally sensitive products and services in order to maintain a positive stewardship with the environment. The following policies and procedures have been placed to serve as a guideline for our continued dedication to the environment.

Our goal is to reduce the adverse impact of our operations on the environment through the use of improved landscaping practices and economically feasible technology. All employees receive up-to-date training when we employ new conservation efforts.


Maintenance & Installation Division

  • Lawnmowers are converted to use propane fuel providing reduced emissions while eliminating toxic spills or waste.
  • Debris removed from maintenance sites is recycled and composted where possible.
  • Plants and shrubs that are suited to Florida’s climate, that promote slow growth and are drought tolerant are offered and installed when requested.


Irrigation Division

  • Rain sensors are recommended and installed when requested to decrease water waste.
  • Drip lines and low pressure heads are recommended and installed in place of high-volume rotors in shrub and flower beds to decrease water use and maintain proper coverage.
  • WeatherTrak© systems are recommended and installed when requested. WeatherTrak© systems operate via satellite communication and provide weather monitoring to provide accurate water coverage preventing excessive use of water.
  • Prepaid monthly system checks provide routine maintenance and oversight to prevent malfunctioning or broken equipment from leaking water onto the ground continuously.


Fertilization & Pest Control Division

  • Insecticides utilized have the lowest toxicity available.
  • Fully organic F&P programs are offered.
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) procedures, according to University of Florida’s IFAS Extension Services, are followed. IPM is a reactive program in which no insecticide is sprayed unless there is a pest control issue present.


Office & Administration

  • Preference is given to recycled products when purchasing office supplies.
  • A recycling program is available for those employees who wish to recycle their waste.
  • All toner cartridges purchased are returned to the manufacturer for recycling.