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Drought Tolerant Commercial Landscaping, Tampa, Orlando, Brevard

Is your commercial property holding up in our drought like conditions? Temperatures are scorching into the 90s in Central Florida and there is no rain in sight. Your landscape is a valuable investment and it is important to keep it looking attractive. Incorporating drought tolerant landscaping in your property may be easier than you think.

How can you have a beautiful, lush, and colorful landscape while saving on water?

Map out your irrigation system: Now more than ever, it is important to have your irrigation system audited. Making sure all the proper zones are being covered as well as making sure they are getting sufficient water by readjusting irrigation heads. Check for any broken nozzles or heads. If you plan on retrofitting your irrigation system, think about installing drip lines. Delivering the right amount of water directly to the roots will conserve water.

Take care of your soil: Unhealthy soil won’t hold moisture well, resulting in weeds and bare patches. Healthy soil means healthy plants and lawn that will be able to survive when water isn’t plentiful. Fertilizing is a key component of a beautiful landscape, encouraging root growth, adding necessary nutrients, control weeds, and aids in the recovery of environmental stress and pest damage.

Add new mulch: A good layer of new mulch will not only help retain moisture in the soil, it will also keep weeds from growing and taking vital nutrients and water away from the plants.

Sustainable landscape design: Using plants that are native to Central Florida will require less water, fertilizer, and thrive in our environment.

Having a beautiful commercial landscape design that attracts guests and customers, while being easily maintained (even in our drought like conditions) and affordable is possible! With a sustainable design and prioritizing maintenance, the team at Baker Commercial Landscaping can exceed your expectations.

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