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An Attractive Landscape Design is the Welcome Mat for Your Business

Attractive¬†landscape promotes your business, inviting customers and guests. Orlando and Tampa’s tropical environment allow your commercial landscape to look beautiful all year round. For a welcoming landscape design and maintenance that attracts visitors, contact Baker Commercial Landscaping.

Professional Lawn TreatmentWith nature’s pests and insects that feed on your grass, plants and trees. Stealing their vital nutrients that are responsible for keeping them healthy. Some of the most common pests in found in Central Florida landscape include:

Southern Chinch Bug: These small bugs have a black body with white markings and measure about 6 millimeters. They can make any lawn look unsightly, leaving brown, circular patches. Consuming the sap out of each blade of grass until it withers.

Fire Ants: If you’ve spent any time outside in Central Florida you know the sting of a fire ant. These small red pests are highly aggressive and have colonies of a quarter of a million ants. Their sand mounds can become large and unsightly. An infestation needs to be taken care by a professional pest control before they become a liability to guests and employees.

Armyworms: A serious pest in warm environments. These brown caterpillar type insects have a tan belly. Because they are nocturnal, they are difficult to see during the day. When they mature, they become reddish brown moths. “Larvae initially skeletonize foliage, they eat holes in leaves, and soon ¬†consume entire leaves. Larvae of armyworm are notorious for appearing out of nowhere to inflict a high level of defoliation,” according to the University Florida.

Baker Fertilization and Pest Control, LLC will design a custom program that can treat both pests and plant problems. Proper insect, weeds and fungus control with a sufficient nutrient application will ensure a thick and healthy landscape.

Our team of certified and licensed spray technicians will work to educate you on proper watering practices and lawn maintenance techniques to ensure that your turf, trees and shrubs are beautiful all year round.