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Benefits of Commercial Landscaping in Tampa & Orlando

Does your Tampa or Orlando business landscape look as good as it could? If not you’re missing out on great curb appeal and the many benefits that go along with first impressions.

The outdoor appearance and curb appeal of your business is the first impression for your potential guest and customer. It is important to make it feel as inviting and welcoming as possible.

20160309_120907_resizedOne of the easiest ways to add tons of curb appeal is with beautiful, colorful plants. There are many to choose from that will thrive in our tropical environment. Depending on your desired maintenance level, landscape conditions and budget.

The best way to keep your property attractive is with flower beds that are changed out with the seasons, ensuring they always look their best. Another option is perennials, their colorful flower will come back year after year.

Planting shade trees can help reduce your energy cost. According to the Energy Department, strategically planned landscaping will not only save energy, in just a few years pay for itself. When a building is shaded by trees, it can reduce air conditioning by 50 percent. To protect your building from the mid morning sun, you will need trees with a higher crown. To protect from the late afternoon sun, you will need trees with crowns closer to the ground.

When the team at Baker Commercial Landscaping comes out to your property, we will calculate where your building is getting the most sun. Then we will suggest several options to provide maximum curb appeal and reducing the temperate of your building.

Our Design and Installation Team will work one-on-one with you to create a landscape that fits the property and your budget.

We use the latest technology, our landscape designs are custom made to enhance the appearance of your property, whether it is a small residential installation, new construction or a commercial site.

Contact Baker Commercial Landscape for a free quote today.